Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Amazing Race - the only TV show that makes me yell

Well done Chip and Kim for finishing the Amazing Race in the first place. I have rooted for you Chip since the 2nd Episode. I could not go to sleep if Colin and Christie have got that 1 million. You raced fairly, used the Yield wisely and played the tactics smartly. You are a deserved winner!

Colin and Christie were the fittest team and the most competitive one. Their ego have let them down at the final 2 legs though. Bowling moms were the surprise of the whole race.

OK, Amazing Race 6 will come in Oct. Can't wait!

Note: I would recommend whoever have installed Cable TV to watch at least 1 episode of the Amazing Race, you gonna love it. It is on AXN channel (22) every Wednesday, 9pm.


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