Friday, September 24, 2004

Casual Friday

Christy: is rudy b-day coming?
Rudy: still a long way to go, Karin's will come b4 mine

Karin: by just 1 day lar..... >_<
Christy: i wrongly remember it's in early oct
Connie: oh, christy, you broke rudy's heart la...
Christy: he won't. only if you forget about his b-day, he will
Me: Christy the Heart Breaker
Connie: oh, so it's Rudy The Broken Heart, i never remember his b-day
Rudy: that trivial matter will not affect my love and affection on your gals .. no worries
Karin: well well, whether heart broken or not depends on "weight" lar....
Connie: enough entertainment, do we need to book a table in heaven on earth? btw, is the venue fixed yet?


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