Sunday, September 19, 2004

Chelsea v Spurs Preview

Spurs' record against Chelsea has been nothing else but appalling. Santini and his new look team, however, give supporters a solid start to this season. 2 wins, 3 draws and yet undefeated in the new season. Defoe is our main and only threat so far, but with Simon Davies and Robbie Keana back from injury, Spurs will be looking for a better attacking option.

The main worry I have is Naybet v Drogba. Huckerby has proved that Naybet would struggle against pace, and Drogba will seize on this deficiency of Naybet for some goalscoring threat. Anyway, I estimate this game will be a low scoring affair.

Prediction: Chelski 1-1 Spurs


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