Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bad times...

1. So I have 8 weeks to prove myself....but what am I supposed to prove if I am not given any work? It is bad bad times ahead.
And why are you giving me a secretary now when you should have done this 2 years ago!

2. And I can forget about BR now.
"I am heavily involved in mortgagees action, acting for major banks and financial institutions."
"I think those are routine work, right?"
"I have also done some employment matters and discrimination matters to tackle complaints filed by claimants with the EOC and Labour Tribunal"
"I imagine those are simple cases."

3. So I realise now that there is no need to send my CV to every agents appeared in the HK Lawyer. Just send to 2 of them and they will sort it out. If you are in need of them, I recommend that you see Mary Schaus of Legal Futures and Lindsey of Hughes Castell. They mean business.