Monday, October 04, 2004

How to have a successful interviewing?

I was always stuck when I was asked "What questions do you have?" Now here are some sample questions which might be useful in tackling this question:
Appropriate questions to ask during an interview may include:


1. What kinds of cases are you currently working on? or What is the most interesting case you have worked on?
2. Why did you choose to work for this employer?
3. What is a typical day like for you?
4. What do you like most about your job?
5. How long were you at the firm before you had significant client contact?
6. Did you start off in your current practice area? If not Why did you switch?

--Sincere interest in the position and the employer
7. Do you have a formal mentor program?
8. How will my work be evaluated?
9. Who will assign my work?
10. Will I receive feedback?
11. What kinds of cases will I work on?
12. How does someone become a star at this firm? -- What makes them stand out?
13. How has the firm's practice changed over the years?
14. Where do you see the firm's practice heading over the next several years?
15. How would you describe the ideal candidate? (You can use this description in closing the interview. For example, You described your ideal candidate as a team player who has strong communication skills. That describes me perfectly. My communication skills have been demonstrated by the fact that I excelled in my research and writing class and in the inter-school Moot Court Competition. My teamwork capabilities are apparent through my work at the Salvation Army where I assembled and led a team of over 50 volunteers through the largest fund-raising campaign in the charity's history. I'm also self-motivated, detail-oriented and have been described by former employers as a tremendous problem-solver. I believe I am very well-suited for this position and would love a chance to prove myself. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today.)

--Show off research
16. I recently read about the firm's opening of a satellite office in Louisville. Has that helped the firm to attract corporate clients headquartered in Kentucky?

Below are some websites which give me some hints, and I recommend you to have a look if you need some tips as well:

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