Saturday, November 13, 2004

Live Update - Spurs 1 Arsenal 1

Half time - 1:1
I am so nervous and excited sitting in my room watching the live broadcast. The German Legend Jurgen Klinsmann is at the game as well. Spurs played so well up to this moment, Brown and Carrick particularly impressive. We took the lead at around 37 mins through Naybet and the Scum equalised right before half time. It is such an anti climax.

I am watching the TV, shouting and screaming at every scoring opportunities Spurs had and clapping at every good move. I was nearly in tears! It is a feeling no one would understand unless you are an avid supporter of a team. Supporting Spurs is even more nail biting as we are not winning as frequently as some other teams do, and a victory over the bitter rivals is the best feeling in the world.

I should have been there, you know...


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