Saturday, November 13, 2004

Spurs v Arsenal Preview - It is a war

It is the fixture every Spurs fans will look for when the fixture list comes out. It is not only a game, it is a WAR. One of the most fierciest derbies in the world, and it is one which I should be watching INSIDE the White Hart Lane. As I mentioned someway down the post, I have planned to go to this fixture (as well as the Charlton game) back in August, and for this only reason alone, I bought my membership card. But things never turn out that good for me, and I have to watch it at home in Hong Kong.
By reading other Spurs fans' words on other forum ( and on the build up to the game, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It is soooooooooo important to get a result against the Scum. I remember the anger and emotions of me when I watched the reverse fixture of last season - all the divings by the Scum players, especially by Pires and Cole. I also remember the excitement and joy that I derived by the two late goals by Spurs to get the draw at home last season. I can even remember the Popescu winner in the Klinsmann / Dumitrescu / Barmby / Sheringham / Anderton era in 1994/95 season.
The statistics tell us that Spurs have only lost twice in 12 meetings at home to the Scums since the formation of Premier League, and the recent 4 games have all been draws. I would say that given the poor forms by the 2 sides in recent weeks, it would probably end up in another draw. I've put my money on 1-1 and 2-2.


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Blogger greenoss said...

i recon we'l do em tonight and they'l do us at emerates. just depends on the aggregate?? hopefully its our turn and we'l progress and turn over chealsea AGAIN in the final. come on you yids!!!! lets get behind em!!!

9:19 PM  
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Blogger chesterfield gooner said...

to all you sad cockerals you will never be as good as the arsenal you try evry season to be as good as us wasting money on shite players you all know when we meet its your cup final you only come to see a great footballing show.

keep on dreaming sados

10:58 PM  

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