Monday, November 15, 2004

Winning Eleven 3 Fortune Re-united 2

Who honestly would have thought that a team that have lost all the games in the Premier Division 2 years ago would now sit proudly at the top after 3 games? The best thing is that we won our all 3 games in style with goals coming from all angles. Winning Eleven is definitely the most entertaining team at present.

Fortune is not a bad team in any account, as they have proved during the whole match that they can pass, defend, attack and Fortune was probably a bit unlucky not to claim 1 point from the game thanks to the superb goalkeeping and defence of Winning. The bar also saved Winning on one occasion.

The team for the match is:

GK - Leung Ka Kit
RB - Raymond
LB - Ken
CB - Arthur
CB - Yu Hiu To
RM - Ah Chow
LM - Eric
CM - Sean
CM - Sing
FC - Kenward
FC - James

Sub - Gordon
Sub - Ma Tau
Sub - Po Tak Pong
Sub - Matthew
Sub - Derek

Plato was also present at the match as a cameraman. I will try to post up the video clips for the goals of the match later.

As usual, we enjoyed the first 10 minutes, but gradually faded out midway through the first half. Fortune scored a breakaway goal on the counter attack with 25 minutes gone, but Winning was determined to carry on its excellent form and came back strongly. Chow had twisted and turned Fortune's left back for 4 or 5 times, and it was unfortunate that no one could benefit from his various deliveries.

On the 30 minute mark, Winning won a corner on the left, and since Sean had been substituted at that stage, it was Raymond who took the corner. His inswinging corner was perfect and the ball evaded the keeper and fell nicely onto my head. I managed to rise above the defender marking me and thumped home a powerful header. 1-1.

Not satisfied with the draw at half time, Winning made several substitutions and brought on some fresh legs. It proved fruitful minutes before the half time. Raymond started the move in midfield, played a clever ball past the opponent, and spotted one of the fresh legs Gordon on the right. According to Chow after the match, the opponent's left back was feeling very confused after being tricked by Chow's dribbling for the earlier part of the match. That might explain why Gordon the Birthday Boy was left unmarked on the right. Gordon took one touch on the ball, and I was screaming to him that if he could cross the ball, it would be a goal. That was exactly what happened as Gordon made a delicate cross from the right ala David Beckham, and I sprinted towards the ball in the 6 yard box to head it in. 2-1. What a comeback!

At half time, we decided to make a number of substitutions and Ma Tau was put to the front partnering Sing. The move was intended to consolitate our midfield possession as Derek and Sean were both good at winning the ball which was crucial to our possession.

The 2nd half started and as expected, Fortune was piling up the pressure and they used some nice crossing to trouble our defence. however, our defenders stood strong and Leung Ka Kit pushed a cross shot onto the bar and it rebounded at a nice spot where Fortune could not take advantage of. His full stretched dive was another superb block and Derek was also our saviour in blocking a goalbound shooting chance inside the area.

At the other end, Ma Tau worked hard to charge down a clearance of Fortune. On the left edge of the area and spotting the keeper was out, Ma Tau lobbed the keeper with ease. 3-1, and it gave us an "insurance goal". That insurance goal proved to be important as Fortune forced the ball in with 10 minutes to go. We held on and had Chow or I scored from our chances, we would be winning by a bigger margin. At the final whistle, we have beaten Fortune 3-2 and continued our great run, with 9 points from 3 games.

It was definitely another breathtaking match, but we must be cautious not to take it for granted. There are a lot of good teams in the Premier Division and while we have virtually been assured of our place in this Division for another season, we should try to get as many points as possible. On the current run, where teams have been dropping points here and there, we are in a perfect pole position to make a decent challenge for the title. Who knows?

On a personal note, I am leading the top scorer chart with 4 goals and the nearest rival had 2. If I recall correctly, the top scorer of the Premier Division won the Golden Boot Award with 6 or 7 goals. That means I need 2 or 3 more goals to get level with last season's record. Given my good run of form, I will be looking at 10 to 12 goals this season. If I could achieve this, I am sure Winning Eleven would be placed in the top 3 of the Division as well.

As usual, your comments will be very much appreciated.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

going back to my favorite position, I will make you score even if you don't want to ;>. You'll then have no excuse not to treat us to a big meal.

will continue to work hard to recover from my injuries and poor condition......


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- Stephen

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