Thursday, December 16, 2004

A game of waiting

I vividly remember that there was an advertisement of online movie ticketing system (is it the cityline?) which shows images of people spending time in waiting for this and that. The producer might just wish to place a hidden camera in my room in the office which will surely achieve the same effect.

I have been very busy and have been kept until very late hours recently. But around 50% of my time was spent in waiting. I know I have moaned about it before, but this is really driving me nuts! Take last night as an example, I spent my last 3 hours in office waiting for Mr. P. Doing absolutely nothing, Mr. P rang me and said "Everthing's ok, you may leave". I was in the lift 3 seconds later...

The waiting game is repeating itself days after days. What a torture.

You know, I am waiting for an important phone call. Just a call and my life will change I tell you. Please, don't keep me waiting.