Saturday, December 11, 2004

Happy Birthday!!!

I had a very nice 27th Birthday yesterday.

I have received some really nice presents, including a very very very lovely "mini-me" - the slimmer and [more] handsome 2005 version, in the Spurs 2004-5 kit and number "18" on the back from Ellen. It is indeed very very cute and I loooooooooove it soooooooo much!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Domain and Daisy also gave me presents -- a box of Lucullus Chocolate and a Swarovski crystal plant respectively. Thank you thank you!

My good friends treat me to a very good lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Central (Heaven on Earth) and thank you for the birthday cake!! And another set of good guys and gals took me to Karaoke (with another birthday cake) after the annual dinner. Thank you all of you (you know who you are)!

Thanks to my family for the birthday dinner on Thursday - Oyster Bar at Sheraton and the cufflinks (again from Swarovski!!).

Also a big thank you to all those who have sent emails, e-cards or sms to me. I am touched to say the least!

Last but not least, I thank all the Spurs supporters over on GGnet and Topspurs for leaving Happy Birthday messages to me! Come on you SPURS! Give me a big present by beating Man City today!! (Note: They did - with an 1-0 victory!)


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