Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mixed feelings

Getting the offer from M.E. is definitely the perfect Christmas present for me. I was so delighted when I got told the news. Life at D has become rather stale for me (to put it mildly), and this is the time for me to move on. I miss my colleagues, the banters outside my room, the tea breaks...etc. I hate to say it, but it was not a difficult decision to make.

It is very nice to have a bunch of nice colleagues doing farewell lunch with me, and I have received so many emails after the announcement of my departure. All these are very touching. Sometimes you do not realise you have so many friends until you leave the place. To be frank, I have never thought that so many people will attend my farewell lunches. Thank you again to all of you!

Some emails I received are quite funny / revealing / touching, examples are:

I am so sorry to hear that you're leaving. Come to think of it, I will need you to sign the Witness Statement and perhaps attend the trial in March!!!!!!!! Oh noooooooooooooooooo...............

Another one:

Are you sure you have enough egg tart for everybody?

This one really strikes me:

I'll see you at lunch tomorrow but all the best in your new job. I'm really happy for you and I'm glad you found a firm that appreciates your expertise. We'll miss you.
Someone may follow my steps soon....
A bit shock to hear this news. Hope that I have a chance to send the same email as yours in the near future. Wish u every success in your new job and enjoy your long vacation!

Lastly, this is from a junior staff of a client who I bumped into during lunch. I took her to court for a watching brief once before:

Just know that today is your last day in Deacons, wanna say thank you for your teaching and sharing, and hope you every success in the future. Let's come out to gather if you have time! Keep touching!