Sunday, December 12, 2004

Winning Eleven 5 Paul Smith 0

A 9:00 kick off this morning. Woke up at 7:45 and decided to lie on the bed for another 5 minutes. The "5 minutes" became "50 minutes" (as always), and I opened my eyes to see that it was already 8:50!

A crazy rush of getting changed, brushing my teeth and driving made sure that I arrived at the ground at 9:05 (a miracle in itself) and the match hadn't even begun! But my lateness dropped me on the subs bench with 3 others.

With only 10 players from Paul Smith, we dominated the match from start to finish. And there were some really nice goals too. We established a 2-0 lead by half time thanks to some great team movement and passing. Kenward headed in the 1st goal after Alwin cushioned the cross from Po Tak Pong to his perfect path, and Derek scored the 2nd after Kelvin chested the ball down from a high cross into the area.

In the 2nd half, I scored with a direct 20 yard free kick to the left of the penalty box. It curls into the top corner of the net ala Hassler style. I am well pleased with this goal! Few minutes later, Kevin was infringed in the area, and the ref pointed to the spot despite strong protests from the other side. To be fair, I would not have called for the penalty if I was the ref. Anyway, I placed the ball on the spot and the keeper tried to play some psychological game on me by constantly walking away from the goal line making silly enquiries with the ref. (e.g. How long till the end of the match? etc) But I was not affected by this kind of gesture and slotted the ball into the bottom corner of the net. It was close though as one yard to the left would see the ball hit the post and one yard to the right would see it saved by the keeper.

That's the end of my involvement of the match thanks to the inspired substitution of Ah Chow! :-) (I have played 3 minutes of first half and 10 minutes of 2nd half - and was substituted because I scored 2!) Po Tak Pong scored another goal to seal up our victory in our last match of 2004.

It should have been 6-0 as I have a goal disallowed for handball, but I swear that I was not even close to touching the ball with my hand. It was interesting that the ref and Kenward saw my handball, Ken said it was the opponent's hand and I didn't see anyone handball!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this match review was faster than your arrival at the you don't have to mention you're happy with the goals; we know that ;>

it could have been 10-0 if......and if......and if my header right before my departure late in the 2nd half came a bit quicker -- thanks to their defender's "Tart Head" that altered the speed of the ball a little bit that made me just one-tenth of a second slow.

Anyway, a win is a win.


9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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