Monday, November 29, 2004

Mango and Carriana 1 Winning Eleven 0

I am terribly busy and really have no time to write this match report. If anyone can do it this time, it will be much appreciated.

Meanwhile, an email from Kenward...give it a thought:

Strategic Managers, We probably once again exposed our greatest weakness as a team: lack of strategies. We don't seem to have a clue when facing packed defenders that stuff inside the box area.We don't need anything fancy, but at least we should set up an offensive strategy for everyone to follow. I look forward to your game plan proposal ;> For me, this time I am proposing myself at the left midfield. That's pretty much our 5C style attack model. Po Tak Pong should stay at leftwing so that he can run less to get to the base line.

P.S. My brothers were at LG1 and they said it was VERY OBVIOUS that Ng Chi Ho was offside by at least 4 bodies that was not called for, and Lam Lok Kwan was not even close to being offside in return. Some people "claim" that Carrianan "bribe"the referees. Well......

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Chinese Lyrics of our School Song by Uncle James

Uncle James was a dedicated LaSallian, and he has written the Chinese lyrics for our school song.

# 豪 情 少 年 敢 為 敢 作
一 身 朝 氣 心 向 上
人 行 正 途 艱 危 不 怕
我 會 盡 心 全 力 幹

合 唱:
有 幸 做 好 喇 沙 書 院 友
重 遇 我 往 昔 同 窗
不 管 天 陰 天 晴 日
我 地 齊 聲 將 此 曲 唱

# 云 云 教 壇 書 堂 精 舍
各 有 當 世 好 印 象
唯 從 有 成 英 雄 榜 看
母 校 突 出 人 共 仰

# 抬 頭 向 長 空 求 指 引
放 眼 高 闊 天 際 望
昂 昂 志 朝 彩 雲 深 處
與 母 校 青 雲 共 上

# 同 門 友 誼 因 時 俱 進
當 天 歡 笑 不 變 樣
良 朋 滿 堂 欣 然 相 對
母 校 校 歌 來 合 唱

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The World Lost a Genius Today

The word "Genius" was invented to describe talents like the late Mr. James Wong. His multi-talents are recognised all over the Chinese community and his works and words will leave a lasting impression in the history of La Salle, Hong Kong and the Chinese community all over the world.

I am sorry that I have not had the opportunity to get to know the great man, but he was, is and will forever be my idol. To me, Uncle James is someone who speaks what his mind thinks, someone who was never shy to admit mistakes openly, someone who appreciates life so cheerfully and someone who always brings joy to people. People like Uncle James only appear once in 1 million years, and I cannot identify any other living person in Hong Kong who can take his unique place.

24 Nov 2004 - the day when the world loses a Genius. May the Genius's soul rest in peace.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Hotpot at Little Fat Sheep - Rudy's birthday

Lau Ying Hung or me? Posted by Hello

I'm Just a Woman...

Since my college years, I have been given nicknames for resemblance of others. From my recollection, I have been said to resemble Hacken Lee (for my forehead and voice), Wong Ka Kui of Beyond (for my hairstyle in Form 2 - a curly divider in the middle), Athena Chu (for I don't know what!), Chan Ho (for my mouth)....etc.

Last Saturday, I was said to look like 柳影紅 (for my eyes and mouth). For God sake, I don't even know who she is, but it certainly is not a praise in any account.

Happy Birthday to..............

Ellen's Dad, Gordon, Alwin, Rudy, Karin.....etc, whose birthdays are around this time.

Time to issue my first reminder that my birthday is around the corner!
Thumbs Up

Digestion problem

It will be a long hard time for work from today onwards to, at least, Feb 2005 (provided I will survive the salary committee meeting later this week). Asked to read a huge bulk of pleadings, affirmations and witness statements for the January trial. The supporting exhibits are said to be contained in 50 box files. OMG!

It is hard just to read them, let alone to digest them.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Winning Eleven 3 Fortune Re-united 2

Who honestly would have thought that a team that have lost all the games in the Premier Division 2 years ago would now sit proudly at the top after 3 games? The best thing is that we won our all 3 games in style with goals coming from all angles. Winning Eleven is definitely the most entertaining team at present.

Fortune is not a bad team in any account, as they have proved during the whole match that they can pass, defend, attack and Fortune was probably a bit unlucky not to claim 1 point from the game thanks to the superb goalkeeping and defence of Winning. The bar also saved Winning on one occasion.

The team for the match is:

GK - Leung Ka Kit
RB - Raymond
LB - Ken
CB - Arthur
CB - Yu Hiu To
RM - Ah Chow
LM - Eric
CM - Sean
CM - Sing
FC - Kenward
FC - James

Sub - Gordon
Sub - Ma Tau
Sub - Po Tak Pong
Sub - Matthew
Sub - Derek

Plato was also present at the match as a cameraman. I will try to post up the video clips for the goals of the match later.

As usual, we enjoyed the first 10 minutes, but gradually faded out midway through the first half. Fortune scored a breakaway goal on the counter attack with 25 minutes gone, but Winning was determined to carry on its excellent form and came back strongly. Chow had twisted and turned Fortune's left back for 4 or 5 times, and it was unfortunate that no one could benefit from his various deliveries.

On the 30 minute mark, Winning won a corner on the left, and since Sean had been substituted at that stage, it was Raymond who took the corner. His inswinging corner was perfect and the ball evaded the keeper and fell nicely onto my head. I managed to rise above the defender marking me and thumped home a powerful header. 1-1.

Not satisfied with the draw at half time, Winning made several substitutions and brought on some fresh legs. It proved fruitful minutes before the half time. Raymond started the move in midfield, played a clever ball past the opponent, and spotted one of the fresh legs Gordon on the right. According to Chow after the match, the opponent's left back was feeling very confused after being tricked by Chow's dribbling for the earlier part of the match. That might explain why Gordon the Birthday Boy was left unmarked on the right. Gordon took one touch on the ball, and I was screaming to him that if he could cross the ball, it would be a goal. That was exactly what happened as Gordon made a delicate cross from the right ala David Beckham, and I sprinted towards the ball in the 6 yard box to head it in. 2-1. What a comeback!

At half time, we decided to make a number of substitutions and Ma Tau was put to the front partnering Sing. The move was intended to consolitate our midfield possession as Derek and Sean were both good at winning the ball which was crucial to our possession.

The 2nd half started and as expected, Fortune was piling up the pressure and they used some nice crossing to trouble our defence. however, our defenders stood strong and Leung Ka Kit pushed a cross shot onto the bar and it rebounded at a nice spot where Fortune could not take advantage of. His full stretched dive was another superb block and Derek was also our saviour in blocking a goalbound shooting chance inside the area.

At the other end, Ma Tau worked hard to charge down a clearance of Fortune. On the left edge of the area and spotting the keeper was out, Ma Tau lobbed the keeper with ease. 3-1, and it gave us an "insurance goal". That insurance goal proved to be important as Fortune forced the ball in with 10 minutes to go. We held on and had Chow or I scored from our chances, we would be winning by a bigger margin. At the final whistle, we have beaten Fortune 3-2 and continued our great run, with 9 points from 3 games.

It was definitely another breathtaking match, but we must be cautious not to take it for granted. There are a lot of good teams in the Premier Division and while we have virtually been assured of our place in this Division for another season, we should try to get as many points as possible. On the current run, where teams have been dropping points here and there, we are in a perfect pole position to make a decent challenge for the title. Who knows?

On a personal note, I am leading the top scorer chart with 4 goals and the nearest rival had 2. If I recall correctly, the top scorer of the Premier Division won the Golden Boot Award with 6 or 7 goals. That means I need 2 or 3 more goals to get level with last season's record. Given my good run of form, I will be looking at 10 to 12 goals this season. If I could achieve this, I am sure Winning Eleven would be placed in the top 3 of the Division as well.

As usual, your comments will be very much appreciated.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Spurs 4 Arse 5 - Heartbroken

What a game, what a crazy game. Every player played their hearts out, and individual defensive errors have undone our efforts. Naybet is too slow, and it was his 3 mistakes that led to 3 goals being conceded. Robinson and King also played not as good as they could have.

Brown, a player I don't really rate, played very well, and absolutely made his presence felt against the likes of Vieira. Carrick also played very well. A crazy end to end stuff and if our defence did their job, we could have beaten the scums. I am so heartbroken now.

Live Update - Spurs 1 Arsenal 1

Half time - 1:1
I am so nervous and excited sitting in my room watching the live broadcast. The German Legend Jurgen Klinsmann is at the game as well. Spurs played so well up to this moment, Brown and Carrick particularly impressive. We took the lead at around 37 mins through Naybet and the Scum equalised right before half time. It is such an anti climax.

I am watching the TV, shouting and screaming at every scoring opportunities Spurs had and clapping at every good move. I was nearly in tears! It is a feeling no one would understand unless you are an avid supporter of a team. Supporting Spurs is even more nail biting as we are not winning as frequently as some other teams do, and a victory over the bitter rivals is the best feeling in the world.

I should have been there, you know...

Spurs v Arsenal Preview - It is a war

It is the fixture every Spurs fans will look for when the fixture list comes out. It is not only a game, it is a WAR. One of the most fierciest derbies in the world, and it is one which I should be watching INSIDE the White Hart Lane. As I mentioned someway down the post, I have planned to go to this fixture (as well as the Charlton game) back in August, and for this only reason alone, I bought my membership card. But things never turn out that good for me, and I have to watch it at home in Hong Kong.
By reading other Spurs fans' words on other forum ( and on the build up to the game, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It is soooooooooo important to get a result against the Scum. I remember the anger and emotions of me when I watched the reverse fixture of last season - all the divings by the Scum players, especially by Pires and Cole. I also remember the excitement and joy that I derived by the two late goals by Spurs to get the draw at home last season. I can even remember the Popescu winner in the Klinsmann / Dumitrescu / Barmby / Sheringham / Anderton era in 1994/95 season.
The statistics tell us that Spurs have only lost twice in 12 meetings at home to the Scums since the formation of Premier League, and the recent 4 games have all been draws. I would say that given the poor forms by the 2 sides in recent weeks, it would probably end up in another draw. I've put my money on 1-1 and 2-2.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Jol - New Manager of Spurs

Jol was confirmed as Spurs manager. He had a good start by beating Burnley 3-0 away. Let's hope his working relationship with Frank Arnesen will be better than the one with Santini the odd one out.

Some photos from Jay Chow's concert

Jay Chow and me! Posted by Hello

Jay Chow in Concert Posted by Hello

Jay Chow in Concert Posted by Hello

Jay Chow in Concert Posted by Hello

Jay Chow in Concert

Got tickets for the front row. Well, it is not exactly front row, because there were still 2 rows for journalists in front of my seat.

This is the 2nd time I've been to Jay Chow's concert. I attended one 2 years ago, and I only knew about 30% of his songs then. This time I knew about 75% of the songs, but it is a bit disappointing that he didn't sing "Black Humour", one of his best known songs. Despite this, I rate his performance 8/10.

One observation: Jay Chow's memorising of the lyrics must be as bad as Alan Tam.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Top Ten Basic Needs of Yours Truly

Top Ten Basic Needs of Yours Truly

1. Computer with Broadband
2. Coca Cola
3. Cable TV
4. Air conditioner
5. &
6. Chicken Soft Bone
7. Spurs
8. Car
9. FM2005
10. Mobile phone

Return my Inbox to me!

Just when you think the sudden break down of my computer is enough, my trusted Nokia 8310 decided to compound on my misfortune and deleted all my Inbox messages which I have kept them since 3 years ago. Some of them are memorable - I probably would not get the same (or similar) messages again.

I believe the deletion of the messages was done by the latest SMS-virus. Before the damage was done, I received a message on my phone from "Unreadable". When I opened the message, there was a string of numbers. When I deleted the message, the whole Inbox was gone.

Norton Anti-Virus for mobile anyone?

What's wrong?

Just when I thought I had the weekend to enjoy my FM2005, my computer somehow felt an sudden urge that it had to break down. So all in a sudden, 90% of my activities including FM2005, football betting, blog updating...etc. had to be stopped.

How I wanted a 24 hour convenient computer fixing store is beyond words.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Finally it has arrived. Started off being Spurs manager.

Won 8-0 (!!!) away to Frankfurt in my first pre-season, then was beaten by Motherwell 0-2. Then comfortably beaten Shrewsbury and Derby 2-1. Still yet to make any signings but I am looking for a loan signing in the right midfield as Davies will be out for 2 months.

Get your copy now.

I should be in London now

Yes, I should be in a B&B at Victoria right now. Should be ready to get changed at 10am, then go to the internet cafe to place my bets and get the latest team information. Should be at Victoria Station at 12:30 and get the train to White Hart Lane. After getting off the train, I should be on the street with souvenirs and match programmes sellers. I should be going straight to the club shop to have a crazy pre-Christmas shopping. At 2pm, I should be waiting in front of the main gate to see the likes of Mabbutt etc. driving their Benz past it and I should get a few autographs.
At 2:30pm, I should be going through the turnstiles and walking to my seat. At 2:50pm, I should be cheering the entrance of the teams. It is Spurs v Charlton today, and I should be there.

That is what I should be doing today, but thanks to my employer. You wrecked my dream. Feck it.

What the Hell Santini?

Just weeks into his reign at Spurs, Santini has walked out of the club for personal reasons. What could that personal reasons be? Poor team performance? Bust up with Carrick? I think the most probable reason is the 3-in-a-bed management of Santini, Jol and Arnesen just didn't work.

After a search of a manager for the whole of last season, we are now again without a manager. I hope Jol will get installed soon. He has been with the club and his relationship with Arnesen should see him going to the top of our management hierarchy. At least he will be in charge of the game tonite against Charlton.

Santini's reign has saw us keeping it tight at the back, but toothless at the front. We enjoyed good away performances against Newcastle (1-0), Everton (1-0) and Chelsea (0-0) but our home form is not as encouraging (1-1 with Liverpool is not exactly an excellent result).

Now our season is again in shambles unless Jol can steady the ship, starting with Charlton tonite.

My prediction: 1-1 draw

Monday, November 01, 2004

Winning Eleven 2 J Hill 1

An outstanding team performance and a pulsulating match saw us move to the top of the Premier Division after 2 games. It was also a special match for me as I scored both goals (although I should have had 4 if I had taken all the chances).

It was expected to be a tough match, as J Hill was consisted of several old school team members in Lai Yee Lai etc.

Leung Ka Kit was ever dependable in goal. Po Tak Chi played as an emergency centre half with Thomas and they did an excellent job in holding the defence together. The right and left flanks of the defence were completed by Ma Tau, Raymond, Gordon and Ken who had all played extremely well to limit the opponent to having not a single shot on target for the whole match. The midfield was boosted by the return of Ah Chow on the right and the goalscorer last week - Po Tak Pong on the left, the middle of the midfield comprised of Ah Sing and Vincent (where Ah Fai, Eric and Sean also played during the game). Upfront, there were Kenward, Kevin and me.

Due to our wealth of attacking players, we decided not to change out style of play and went out to attack. We completely bossed the game for the first 20 minutes. A great throughball from [who was that?] put me clean through with only the keeper to beat, but I was having 2 minds whether to lob the keeper or to round him. At the end, I chose the worst option - put the ball well over the bar.

Soon afterwards, a corner came in from the right which Vincent had perfect connection with and he sent a low shot towards goal and J Hill was lucky to have someone covering the post and the ball was cleared.

Not to be deterred, a good move on the left saw Po Tak Pong played Ah Sing in, and he turned and sent an inch perfect cross across goal, I somehow managed to head the ball wide from 6 yards but to be fair, I was under pressure from a defender. It wasn't looking to be my day...

On the 18 minutes mark, a defensive header from J Hill was chested down by me, and spotting Ah Chow's run, I sent a through ball to him and he controlled the ball inside the penalty area. He could shoot but hearing my call for the ball, he dragged the ball back to the edge of the 6 yard box and I arrived to send the ball low in the corner of the net Paul-Scholes style. GOALLLLLL!!!!! This is the fruit of our understanding developed between Ah Chow and me through our 15 years football relationship. 1-0 to us in the first half.

In the 2nd half, we expected J Hill to start all out attack on us. It also meant that their defence would leave even more gaps for us to explore. About 10 minutes into the 2nd half, a huge throw in from Gordon (Neville!) from the right, and the defender failed to clear the ball outside the area and I took the ball on the bounce, flicked it up and tried an outrageous overhead volley. 99 times of of 100 would have seen the ball ended up in nowhere, but this time the ball sailed straight towards the corner of the net and in it went. GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Jurgen Klinsmann would have been proud of this shot. :-) I was pleased with the goal, but I haven't realised that it was so special until I saw the cheering of our substitutes and the crowd (there was a crowd larger than the average First Division Hong Kong League match). This goal is not the best I have scored, but it was still special. 2-0

With a 2 goal cushion, we thought we have the match wrapped up. J Hill showed their competitiveness by lumping high crosses into our penalty box again and again. Thomas and Po Tak Chi showed their strength in denying their forwards and Leung Ka Kit was in total command of the penalty area in collecting many difficult balls with challenge from their players. It was inevitable that J Hill scored from one of their corners and the match was up for grabs. 2-1.

Ah Chow had a chance to restore our 2 goal advantage but he took a step too much and his shot from an acute angle was saved by their keeper. Kenward was virtually playing alone upfront after my substitution and we were playing a 4-5-1 with an extra defensive midfielder picking up loose balls. It was desperate and to quote Leung Ka Kit's words after the match, it was a match we played excellently, and we just wanted to win so badly that a draw would be as bad as a defeat. At the final whistle, Ah Chow, Sing and me (all attacking players) were both on the substitutes' bench and it showed how tense it were.

We celebrated at the final whistle and the passion was high. We know that we have played exceptionally well and this is another victory we fully deserved.

So the win saw us sitting proudly at the top of the table with 2 wins out of 2. I am leading the goalscorer chart and hopefully I can maintain my goalscoring record (30 goals in 36 games) which looks pretty impressive:

Year Division Played Goals
2004-2005 Soccer League Premier Division Played 2 Scored 2
2003-2004 Bro Aimar Played 1 Scored 0
2003-2004 Soccer League Division One Played 9 Scored 11
2002-2003 Bro Aimar Group Played 6 Scored 4
2002-2003 Soccer League Premier Division Played 5 Scored 2
2001-2002 Soccer League Played 13 Scored 11

Right people, we are not scared of anyone. Bring them all on!

P.S. Dear teammates, please leave comments or write your own match report from your perspective in the "comments" field. Your comments encourage my further writings.

Fulham 2 Spurs 0

What the hell is going on with Spurs? With the Irish all time goalscorer and one of the hottest strikers in England national team, we are now officially the lowest scoring team in the whole of English and Scottish League. It is even more pathetic as we are renowned for playing entertainment football with style. We did not even have a shot on target for the entire 90 minutes against a mediocre Fulham side.
We certainly are in need of some spark in the side ala Ginola, Klinsmann, even Dominguez in recent years, not to mention the likes of Waddle, Hoddle or Lineker.