Saturday, January 01, 2005

2 CD Review

There are 10 tracks (but 9 songs) in this CD (left). The cover design is one of the best of his albums and the songs are not bad too. 01. 空中飛人 is a typical "lum" song which was written by Hacken, and the subjects of the song are 田亮 and 郭晶晶. 04. 佳節 and 06. 聽傷口說話 are 2 other very good songs tailor made for Hacken.

The Hacken + Joey concert was definitely one of my biggest regrets of 2004. I would have got tickets if it was on general sale, but there was nothing I can do when the only way to get the tickets was through ID credit card. In this CD, 2 of favourite singers sang each other's songs and I could not wait for Karaoke to be released!