Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Daylight Robbery - Man U 0 Spurs 0

One of the most controversial refereeing decisions ever! I stayed up so late until 6am in the morning to watch the live match at Old Trafford, and at the end we were robbed! Missing Defoe, Kanoute, Brown, Davis, Davies and Atouba, we fielded some youngsters Marney (the 2 goal hero last week) , Ziegler (whose display was very impressive but he needs to improve on his final ball) and Ricketts.

We defended for 80% of the match, but still managed to get some counter attack. On 89th minute, Carroll cleared the ball as far as Mendes on the halfway line, Mendes lobbed the ball high towards the goal and Carroll ran back in time to grasp the ball.....but dropped it about 2 yards over the goal line. Everyone except the linesman and the referee knew it was a goal, but it was not to be! I was left so shocked. If this was not a goal, what would be? It has to be the worst refereeing decision ever made, and not only did it rob Spurs 3 points against Man U, it also deprived me of an estimate of an extra $10,000 for the jackpot for the HKJC "Double HT- FT Result Jackpot".

A goal or to decide.


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