Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Taiwan Trip - Day 3

We began the day with a trip to 西門丁. Had lunch at a restaurant called 可樂森林. After that, we walked around the teen-populated area for a while. Spent some time in an amusement centre playing the basketball throwing game and the picking-a-doll-from-the-machine-game. I am always good at these mini games and these are my collections!

I bought Jay Chow's Concert CD and Ellen bought some Taiwanese food as souvenirs. We had our dinner at 士林. There is a large food complex there with lots of Taiwanese food. This is the highlight of the trip for Ellen as she always wanted to fill her stomach with food from 士林.

Then it rained. Quite hard. We shopped around for quite a while at 士林 and decided that it is time to leave 士林 and went on to our next stop - 麻辣火鍋. We had 花枝丸,牛柏葉,枝竹,牛肉 etc. I like spicy food but not as spicy as 麻辣. I like curry or satay more.

Still we had our next stop - Holiday KTV. We wanted to go to 錢櫃KTV which was a grand and luxurious KTV but it was always fully booked so we settled on Holiday KTV. There are many songs (especially Jay Chow's) that cannot be found in Hong Kong, and I had a great time there!