Sunday, January 16, 2005

Winning Eleven 2 Heavy Strikers 1

In writing this report, I must say I am still very emotional. We won deservedly by 2 goals to 1, and it probably should have been more. Everyone played their parts and the defence was particularly resolute in repelling the constant high balls towards the 2 heavy strikers.

We scored our first goal at the end of the first half, when I steered the ball into the net after receiving Fai's shot-cum-pass. We held on to the lead until midway through the 2nd half, when No.11 of Heavy Strikers pulled, pushed and strangled me to the ground inside the area. The ref made one of the few good decisions of the afternoon and awarded the penalty. I scored the 2nd.

The ref immediately made a very bad decision after a good one. He awarded the other side's a penalty after the ball rebounded off one of our player's hand via a headed clearance. This should never be a penalty - the ref should realise what constitute a hand-ball and a ball-hand. We held on to the 2-1 victory till the final whistle.

What makes me so emotional was the attitude of Heavy Strikers' captain - No.11 Yuen Ka Cheong Samuel. He (It) is a living creature of the lowest order. Everyone knows what he did to me in our past meetings. In our first season in the LSCOBA football league, the creature kicked me all over the park and was still arrogant enough to say things like "shut up, I recognise who you are. I am your senior, and you should watch your steps.". He even refused to retreat for a free kick by standing right in front of the ball and pose a hard-man image. After the game, he further issued threats to me by saying "watch out on the LSCOBA chatboard - news can be spread easily" etc. I was very upset at the time as the creature was simply retaliating after he was being outcasted in the match.

Our next meeting was in the 7-a-side match before the start of the 2nd season. It again targeted me and bullied me all over the match. In the second half, I received a pass in the centre circle and dribbled past it. It made a sliding tackle on my right ankle and not the ball, and I was down injured immediately. I was taken into hospital and my right ankle was scanned to be broken. I can't walk properly for the whole of 8 months before I can kick a ball again. The creature never apologised.

Today is the first meeting between us after my injury. The creature again was its usual hard and unfair self. It was evident from the start that the creature and I didn't see eye to eye, but our first explosive contact was in the 2nd half when he strangled me to ground which led to our 2nd goal. I tried to control myself and didn't say a word when the creature said "Shut up young man" and put his finger to its lips signalling me to shut up. The funny thing was, I didn't say a word! Then I told him he should be the one to shut up and I reminded it that it had broken my ankle 2 years ago.

It marked me for the rest of the match and we nearly had our next explosive contact when it marked me before our corner was taken. I am lucky to escape unharmed this time.

This creature was so such a disgrace to itself to the extent that its teammates should be ashamed to be playing alongside it. I am ashamed that this creature is my fellow old boy. I have decided not to play against Hravy Strikers in the future (when the creature was still in it) and my 2 goals against them this afternoon will hopefully condemn them to First Division football next season and never to be seen in the Premier Division again.


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