Wednesday, February 02, 2005

My new role

I started my new role this Monday. I was quite tense for the last few days of my month long leave. Perhaps that made me sick again.

Anyway, things have been great so far. I got a nice room which the set up is pretty much the same as my old room but only this time it is a square room instead of a rectangular one. The window oversees the Bank of China Tower and erm....the ICAC and the carpark. But still, it is nice to have a room filled with posh hardwares - an 19" LCD monitor, a handsome chair etc.

The people there are predominantly Aussies. But they have been very nice and friendly to me, and that helps me settling in very well. I have been working closely with a senior associates who is a Christian who is a genuinely nice person - he kept telling me to leave office early after I got the work done. He was also nice enough to spend a lot of time explaining how the office operates etc to me. A top bloke!

The most pleasant surprise is that there is a fellow newcomer - an LLB colleague of mine and it is good to have someone you know to start with. Of course, I now get unlimited supply of Coke, Lemon Tea etc. which is NICE!

Long may it lasts!!!


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