Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random Mumblings

Today is my secretary's (K's) birthday. I have placed my present on her desk before she arrived at office. She was pleasantly surprised because she had not expected me to know her birthday (which I know from the telephone list which contains one b-day - without the year of birth of course) and had not expected to receive a present from me as she was only my secretary for merely 10 days or so. She said that I am "細心" in knowing her b-day and "有心意" in choosing the gift. These are of course nice words to hear, but what she didn't know was I had bought this present for my ex-secretary at my old firm before.....

Speaking of my new firm, I am really enjoying every minute of it (bar the 8:30am meeting every fortnight!). I think I have settled in quite well. Some Aussies even said that my English contains Australian accent! But yesterday, there was a Aussie newcomer who sits in my adjacent room. He entered into my room and asked me for a "case". Being confused, I thought he was asking what case I am working on and I mumbled something. 30 seconds later, he again asked me for a "case". I again asked "what case?". He said "the 'case' to the male toilet". Shit, he was asking me to lend him the "keys" all along!!! How embarassing!!!!

After 2 weeks observation, I can confirm my boss is an all round nice bloke. He is polite, humble, approachable and well, just very nice. He always apologises to me for having to make me stay at office till 6:45pm (!!!!!), always says my points are intelligent and good (it is encouraging even if fake) and always puts blame on himself for revising my draft letter or pleadings (which clearly isn't his faults!!!). Like today, he came in and told me that he would leave office early to attend a duty lawyer session. He said "I wanted to chat with people and learn something", but the truth is - he is sacrificing his time to give free legal advice to people. Very likeable guy.

He is so likeable that I have decided to room with him when our Construction team go to Sunshine Island, Brisbane in mid March for the annual retreat. Looking at the photos of the resort (Twin Water Resort - a 4.5 star resort), it looks like it is an exciting trip to look forward to.

As to my old firm, another friend in my LLB/PCLL year will be leaving in early March. It seems that it is a relief for people to leave my old firm. From my brief tele con with her, she gave me the impression that "the sooner I get out from this hell the better". In my circle of friends, only 3 are remaining there. I wish all good luck!