Friday, March 11, 2005

Survival Kit, Travelling, Football, Spurs...etc

It seems that I have not been updating this blog for quite a while, so I am putting together some random stuff here:-

- Many cool little games at, which is really an essential survival kit for office workers. I can't live without it. Blast billiards and Striker of the Month are my 2 favourites. Anyone who can reach the 2nd save point of Blast Billiards please leave me a note how you do it!

- My travel schedule : 18-20 March on business retreat in Australia and 25-28 March on a leisure trip to Shanghai

- Rather unexpectedly, I have fallen into 2nd place in the Top Scorer Table for LSCOBA soccer league, with 9 goals in 9 games. The trophy was once in my pocket but then my rival scored 5 in one match to overtake me. I still have 2 matches to outscore him though.

- Speaking of football, I scored twice in a grassroot standard friendly match on Monday. This wasn't worth reporting, but then my first goal was scored from just outside my penalty area (a full 40 to 50 yards out at least).

- Last Monday, I went to the top floor of Princes Building to do some fitting measurement for the Talent Quest. And my ever-expanding waistline is now standing [proudly] at the staggering height of 33"!

- Watched one of the best football matches in recent years - Chelsea 4 Barcelona 2. Thrilling entertainment! Joe Cole arguably played the best match of his career so far.

- My beloved Spurs are doing not bad recently despite a slip-up against Southampton last weekend. Spurs will play away to Newcastle for a FA Cup semi-final spot. Newcastle is really banging on form but having already won 1-0 at St James Park earlier this season, I am confident that Spurs will at least earn a replay.


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