Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Messed up...

Came across this "interesting" piece of news on and Japundit:

A chinese man, jailed and badly beaten during and after an investigation
into his wife's murder, has been freed after she turned up alive and with
another husband, revealing a brutal arbitrariness to China's legal

She Xianglin's wife, Zhang Zaiyu, disappeared after a domestic dispute in 1994 and when a woman's body was found in a local reservoir, Mr She was detained on suspicion of killing his wife, the China Daily said.

The body was so decomposed it could not be identified, but a local court
found Mr She, a former part-time police officer from central Hubei province,
guilty of murder and sentenced him to death.

A provincial court later commuted the sentence to 15 years in prison. Mr She,
39, was coerced into confessing to her murder and beaten badly in prison, the
newspaper said.

International human rights groups say police torture is widespread in China
and that suspects are held for long periods without trial. But it is rare for a
victim, or the domestic media, to go public about police brutality.

Mr She told the Beijing News that when he was first apprehended, police took him to a remote house and interrogated him for 11 days. He was given just two bowls of
rice a day, nearly no water, prevented from sleeping and threatened with



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