Monday, April 18, 2005

Some overdue updates

I have been extremely hard working (in working) and extremely lazy (in writing this blog) for the past 2 weeks, and here are some quick overdue updates from me:


As I said, I have been getting increasingly busier over the past month and today was particularly hectic for me. There was an unless order at 4pm today and we managed to get the doc filed by 3:58pm! If our court clerk get stuck in a lift or traffic jam, then that would be it!


I conducted my 2nd trial at Lands Tribunal last Thursday. It was another good experience for me as I have always liked being an advocate. Cross examining witnesses is the fun part - provided it all goes according to your plan. The judge was the same one I faced 1 year ago who ruled in favour of me, and for sure he is not an intimidating figure. He was forever looking like he was in a rush and one of his habits is quoting irrelevant examples. This time, his best lines were - "You know, I don't know the whole truth. I can't know the whole truth, can I? But it is like that in civil cases....balance of know....55 to 45...or 48 to 52 ....or 47 to know..."

I am confident that the case will rule in our favour, stay tuned for the outcome.


Speaking of my client in the above case, she is an old woman and suffered mental illness some years ago. I had a concern as to whether she has the capacity to enter into any contract with us but that is irrelevant now. She told me some weird stories when I met her, like how she over-practised a religion such that she had ascended to another dimension, how she used to hear noises and see images of another dimension...etc. She seems very normal and rational to me now. I hope her well.


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