Friday, January 28, 2005

Sick again???!!!

I should have known it...I have been making nightmares all night long. I saw myself in a classroom attending my first day of school (reflecting my imminent first day at work), and then there was the black strong guy climbing the scaffolds to reach the window beside my desk. That guy looks like the star actor in the Green Miles (which I have watched it in Taiwan last week).

Anyway, the guy approached me violently and accused me of possessing dangerous drugs! I was left speechless - I don't do cigarettes or alcohol, and you are accusing me of drugs???!!! Come on!!! The guy then asked me to open my mini-fridge to show him the to why I have brought my mini-fridge to school, I had no idea. I opened the fridge and was surprised to find some ice cream cones inside. I protested my innocence but the guy insisted that I would be going to prison as I have failed my drug test twice....and the mare goes on and on......

I visited the loo more times today than I did this week (well, literally) which puts my trip to Macau in doubt. Hope I can have a super recovery tonite and go on board tmr morning!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blackjack Strategic Table

This is the ultimate stategic table for blackjack players. It reduces the advantage of the Banker to the minimum! Print it out and take it to Macau!!

Happy Birthday to Jo

Double Delight for Jo - happy birthday and happy job change!

Taiwan Trip - Day 4 (Final Day)

We had little time in our final day so we decided to stay close to the hotel. Ellen bought some souvenirs so as to use up all the Taiwanese money. Had lunch at a very nice restaurant called 魔法咖哩 and then boarded the air-bus.

That concluded our Taiwan trip!

Taiwan Trip - Day 3

We began the day with a trip to 西門丁. Had lunch at a restaurant called 可樂森林. After that, we walked around the teen-populated area for a while. Spent some time in an amusement centre playing the basketball throwing game and the picking-a-doll-from-the-machine-game. I am always good at these mini games and these are my collections!

I bought Jay Chow's Concert CD and Ellen bought some Taiwanese food as souvenirs. We had our dinner at 士林. There is a large food complex there with lots of Taiwanese food. This is the highlight of the trip for Ellen as she always wanted to fill her stomach with food from 士林.

Then it rained. Quite hard. We shopped around for quite a while at 士林 and decided that it is time to leave 士林 and went on to our next stop - 麻辣火鍋. We had 花枝丸,牛柏葉,枝竹,牛肉 etc. I like spicy food but not as spicy as 麻辣. I like curry or satay more.

Still we had our next stop - Holiday KTV. We wanted to go to 錢櫃KTV which was a grand and luxurious KTV but it was always fully booked so we settled on Holiday KTV. There are many songs (especially Jay Chow's) that cannot be found in Hong Kong, and I had a great time there!

Taiwan Trip - Day 2

Had a breakfast at 水美. Then set off to our 2nd hotel - Caesar Park Hotel which is located at the centre of Taipei City. The 捷運 station was just beneath the hotel, so the location is excellent.

We had lunch at 鼎泰豐 but there is not much difference between the food there and the Hong Kong shop. We then took a bus to 101 World Trade Centre. It is the tallest building in Asia and it definitely looks posh externally and internally. We bought tickets to the observatory tower on the 98/F and the lift is the quickest in Asia - it took us exactly 45 seconds to reach 98/F from the bottom.

The view from 98/F is not overwhelmingly impressive though. The landscape of Taiwan and the lack of tall buildings around made the view ordinary. The amazing thing was that you can see the clouds going below you - it was THAT tall.

There are some shops in the 101 World Trade Centre and there is a large Page One where Ellen bought a romance book by John Grisham (I thought he only writes court dramas!). We then had a coffee before setting off to our next destination - 忠孝路. We had a brief walk at the 饒河街夜市 and then it was dinner time.

We had a very nice Japanese-style BBQ buffet dinner at a very nice restaurant. It costs HK$100 for each head and I left with a very full stomach (which resulted in some bad consequence which I am not going to detail here!)

We then went to 誠品書店 after dinner but left empty handed.

Taiwan Trip - Day 1

Arrived at Taipei at 1:00pm. Checked in at 水美溫泉酒店. Being such a lazy person, I took a 1.5 hour nap in this nice hotel before going out. The first stop is 淡水 - 漁人碼頭. We were surprised to see that there is virtually nothing there apart from this footbridge.

After our extremely short stay at the 漁人碼頭 which can only be describe as "走馬看花", we returned to 淡水老街. It is an area filled with small shops selling various kinds of stuff including one selling condoms (with different favours, shapes...etc.) We had some Taiwanese snacks there including cuttlefish balls etc. We also had a bowl of Beef Noodles but it was not good as I thought.

We returned to the hotel at 9:30pm and had a hotspring bath. The hotspring bath was located indoor and rather clean but it was not as spacious as the one we had in Hokkaido 2 years ago. After finishing the hotspring bath, we went to have an ice cream at McDonalds outside the hotel.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Winning Eleven 2 Heavy Strikers 1

In writing this report, I must say I am still very emotional. We won deservedly by 2 goals to 1, and it probably should have been more. Everyone played their parts and the defence was particularly resolute in repelling the constant high balls towards the 2 heavy strikers.

We scored our first goal at the end of the first half, when I steered the ball into the net after receiving Fai's shot-cum-pass. We held on to the lead until midway through the 2nd half, when No.11 of Heavy Strikers pulled, pushed and strangled me to the ground inside the area. The ref made one of the few good decisions of the afternoon and awarded the penalty. I scored the 2nd.

The ref immediately made a very bad decision after a good one. He awarded the other side's a penalty after the ball rebounded off one of our player's hand via a headed clearance. This should never be a penalty - the ref should realise what constitute a hand-ball and a ball-hand. We held on to the 2-1 victory till the final whistle.

What makes me so emotional was the attitude of Heavy Strikers' captain - No.11 Yuen Ka Cheong Samuel. He (It) is a living creature of the lowest order. Everyone knows what he did to me in our past meetings. In our first season in the LSCOBA football league, the creature kicked me all over the park and was still arrogant enough to say things like "shut up, I recognise who you are. I am your senior, and you should watch your steps.". He even refused to retreat for a free kick by standing right in front of the ball and pose a hard-man image. After the game, he further issued threats to me by saying "watch out on the LSCOBA chatboard - news can be spread easily" etc. I was very upset at the time as the creature was simply retaliating after he was being outcasted in the match.

Our next meeting was in the 7-a-side match before the start of the 2nd season. It again targeted me and bullied me all over the match. In the second half, I received a pass in the centre circle and dribbled past it. It made a sliding tackle on my right ankle and not the ball, and I was down injured immediately. I was taken into hospital and my right ankle was scanned to be broken. I can't walk properly for the whole of 8 months before I can kick a ball again. The creature never apologised.

Today is the first meeting between us after my injury. The creature again was its usual hard and unfair self. It was evident from the start that the creature and I didn't see eye to eye, but our first explosive contact was in the 2nd half when he strangled me to ground which led to our 2nd goal. I tried to control myself and didn't say a word when the creature said "Shut up young man" and put his finger to its lips signalling me to shut up. The funny thing was, I didn't say a word! Then I told him he should be the one to shut up and I reminded it that it had broken my ankle 2 years ago.

It marked me for the rest of the match and we nearly had our next explosive contact when it marked me before our corner was taken. I am lucky to escape unharmed this time.

This creature was so such a disgrace to itself to the extent that its teammates should be ashamed to be playing alongside it. I am ashamed that this creature is my fellow old boy. I have decided not to play against Hravy Strikers in the future (when the creature was still in it) and my 2 goals against them this afternoon will hopefully condemn them to First Division football next season and never to be seen in the Premier Division again.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Nokia 6260 v Sony Ericsson i700

Finally the time for my trusted Nokia 8210 to retire has come. It has served me well for the past 2 years and it's still in excellent condition to say the least.

Finding the replacement is not an easy job, and it has taken me months to shortlist and analyse the interesting candidates. The day has come and it was really down to 2 candidates - Nokia 6260 and Sony Ericsson i700.

Appearance-wise, Sony Ericsson are 2 streets ahead, but its price is also $1000+ more expensive. It is one of the best mobile phones for taking pictures and videos, but it is like talking to a digital camera.

Nokia 6260 is not as handsome but it is probably worth the money. To go with the phone, there are also a bucket of freebies including a blue tooth.

After weighing all the strengths and weaknesses of the 2 finalists lasting over 2 hours today, I finally made the choice...............and the winner is ................

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Still Very Sick

Still very sick today. Had to cancel the anniversary dinner with Ellen. Spent 80% of my day in bed, and the rest of the 20% on playing computer, updating this blog and watching classic Sherlock Holmes DVDs.

3 Years Ago Today

What happened?

  • I was working on Project Rich with Conrad and was having a prolonged meeting at the Printer from 9am to 7pm
  • I returned to office after leaving Printer and began updating the V-notes
  • Ellen bought a take away dinner for me and became my girlfriend
What have happened since then?
  • Tanrich was listed on the Main Board
  • I was admitted 1 year later, and Ellen was admitted 2 years later (I moved her admission)
  • I have changed job once, and Ellen twice
  • I have gained 30lbs through lots of eating and sleeping
  • We have been to Sapporo - Hokkaido, Bangkok, Kota Kinabalu, Osaka, Bali and will be going to Taipei soon
  • I won the Golden Boot last year and will be looking to repeat the same this year
  • My dad was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Medal
  • My cousin got married which I was the best man. I was also best man for Gary and Agnes' wedding
  • My sister went to university
  • Ellen has operated a dozen White Terrorist Attack which I escaped unscrathed.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Winning Eleven 1 Wu Dang 2

We lost our 2nd match of the season against the champion last year, so on paper this is not a bad result. We took the lead midway through the 1st half through a Po Tak Chi long shot which bounced wickedly before it reached their keeper.

Wu Dang soon equalised through a corner (which should not be given in the first place), and we didn't create too many chances afterwards. Kenward had a shot covered by their keeper who held the ball well, and Arthur saw a header wide after getting into the backpost from a corner from Sean.

We conceded our 2nd goal through a close range header by Wu Dang. We tried to get the goal back but in vain. Sing had a last chance but his left foot strike was not on target.

Nevertheless, there were some encouraging signs from the match. We had 19 players on the pitch and on the bench altogether, and we didn't simply fold against better opponents. We gave them a good match, and we are still staying in a healthy league position.

Mouse Problem

My mouse also appears to be sick as well. Sometimes it scrolls like normal, and sometimes it just wouldn't move no matter how I dragged it. Is it because it is wireless? Anyone give me some hints on how to solve this problem?


I. Am. Very. Sick. Today.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Amazing underwater photos

Sennes has recently returned from The Phils (Dumaguete) with many amazing underwater pictures. Here are some:-

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I know it is early, but I had my "big sweep out" (大掃除) few days ago. I started at 22:30 and finished at 02:30, and I had thrown away so many precious collections of mine. Actually all my precious collections are soccer magazines which I began to collect since 1986.

The soccer magazines were in such a big pile that I had no choice but to throw them away to free up more space, and I am still trying to clear up the "unread" magazines as early as May 2000. That means, I am still reading the magazines before the Euro Championship in Belgium / Holland in 2000 (not to mention Japorea 2002!)

Many of those magazines have now ceased business. 奪標, Match, 90 Minutes, Soccerstars, GOAL, Total Football and Match of the Day. The only remaining publications are FourFourTwo and World Soccer. FourFourTwo is by far the best soccer magazines ever.

The stuff that I threw away

The Panini football stickers (90, 94 World Cups and Premier League 95) and cards that I used to collect when I was young

This is the "unread" gosh

Asian Blog Award Voting is Over

Thanks to everyone who have voted this blog. I have successfully reached my goal - not to stay bottom. I will let you know my overall ranking when it is announced.

Daylight Robbery - Man U 0 Spurs 0

One of the most controversial refereeing decisions ever! I stayed up so late until 6am in the morning to watch the live match at Old Trafford, and at the end we were robbed! Missing Defoe, Kanoute, Brown, Davis, Davies and Atouba, we fielded some youngsters Marney (the 2 goal hero last week) , Ziegler (whose display was very impressive but he needs to improve on his final ball) and Ricketts.

We defended for 80% of the match, but still managed to get some counter attack. On 89th minute, Carroll cleared the ball as far as Mendes on the halfway line, Mendes lobbed the ball high towards the goal and Carroll ran back in time to grasp the ball.....but dropped it about 2 yards over the goal line. Everyone except the linesman and the referee knew it was a goal, but it was not to be! I was left so shocked. If this was not a goal, what would be? It has to be the worst refereeing decision ever made, and not only did it rob Spurs 3 points against Man U, it also deprived me of an estimate of an extra $10,000 for the jackpot for the HKJC "Double HT- FT Result Jackpot".

A goal or to decide.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


I bought my webcam few months ago, but have never really used it. Finally got the chance to use it last week with Davy. Nice to see you man!

2 CD Review

There are 10 tracks (but 9 songs) in this CD (left). The cover design is one of the best of his albums and the songs are not bad too. 01. 空中飛人 is a typical "lum" song which was written by Hacken, and the subjects of the song are 田亮 and 郭晶晶. 04. 佳節 and 06. 聽傷口說話 are 2 other very good songs tailor made for Hacken.

The Hacken + Joey concert was definitely one of my biggest regrets of 2004. I would have got tickets if it was on general sale, but there was nothing I can do when the only way to get the tickets was through ID credit card. In this CD, 2 of favourite singers sang each other's songs and I could not wait for Karaoke to be released!

New Year, New Template

Don't worry, it is still my blog. Just that it has changed to a new template. Of course, this template was "stolen" from the web, but it looks great eh?

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and every good luck in 2005!