Thursday, April 28, 2005

World's 50 Best Restaurants

The World's 50 Best Restaurants poll compiled by the Restaurant Magazine is out.

The annual list is based on the magazine's canvasing of more than 600 influential restaurateurs, critics, chefs, and industry experts. This year's consensus will have foodies everywhere heading to London, where over a quarter of the winners are located.

Further down the list you will find the sole representative from Hong Kong - Felix. Is it really that good?

See the poll results here.

Teen freed from rubbish bin

AN 18-year-old who got himself trapped head first in a rubbish bin in front of late night revellers in Melbourne has earned himself a new nickname - Oscar
the grouch.The hapless teen went rummaging in the bin early this morning when
one of his friends threw his mobile phone into it, then couldn't get out.

"He was trapped in the bin with his arm and head through the stainless steel
top of the bin, a bit like a lobster trap," said Peter Yeoman of the fire brigade's rescue squad, which was called to St Kilda to free the young man.

Police, an ambulance crew and local firefighters all added to the 3.40am
(AEST) spectacle for a large crowd, which soon built up on the busy bar strip of
Fitzroy Street.

Firefighters unscrewed the stainless steel lid from the body of the bin and then tried unsuccessfully to free the man by lubricating his head to slide him out.

"He was just wearing it like a big Elizabethan collar - like a dog would have when it got its stitches out," Mr Yeoman said. The jaws of life would not cut through the marine grade stainless steel, so firefighters had to use an air powered hacksaw to cut him free.

Mr Yeoman said the young man kept his sense of humour throughout his 45 minute ordeal, even as the crowd of onlookers grew. "He was in good spirits and he took it really well," he said. "But there were so many people around, all having a go at him of course, calling him 'Oscar the grouch'."

Mr Yeoman said it was a first for him. He had never rescued anyone from a bin before.

The young man, who comes from Drouin, was not seriously injured and walked away with a few bruises, scratches and, of course, dented pride.

I have watched video clippings of this news on Cable News. Hilarious stuff!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What's my Japanese name?

A silly test from Blogthings. Type in your English name and it will generate a Japanese name for you. This is mine:

Your Japanese Name Is...

Jiro Masachika

Narrow defeat

0-1 to the Arse. Not a bad performance, but a lack of real quality. Carrick, Davis, Reid and Davies are not a marked improvement to Poyet, Sherwood, Leonhardsen and Korsten. At least the latter 4 can score goals.

It has been said but it is important that we should buy quality and not prospect to take the club forward. Atouba, Ziegler, Defendi, Reid, Dawsen, Huddlestone...etc may all well develop into useful squad members, but I can't see any of them progressing into a world beater. Please sign some big established names in the summer, or else we will find ourselves in similar position same time next season.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Arse v Spurs

Another derby at the closing stage of the season. Last season the Arsescum won the title at our place, and this time we are looking to end their title hunt at their place.
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We have not lost to any top teams (Chelsea, Man U, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle) away this season and if this trend continues tonight, the title will be Chelsea's. The best formation is Robinson, Kelly, King, Dawson, Edman, Reid, Davies, Davis, Brown, Defoe, Kanoute. I rate Brown over Carrick this season. Defoe scored a cracker against Arse at home and hopefully he will do so again tonite.

Talking about Carrick, he has the ability and physique to match Gerrard. But he lacks all the determination and drive to progress further. Of course he is still young and still not yet the finished article, but he must find another gear in the summer or else he will no more than a squad player rather than a midfield dynamo for us. Please try to score a goal too...

I will have Spurs (+1 handicap) and I am also tempted to put some $ on 1-1 or 2-2 draw.

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The Case

Quite pissed off this afternoon. The judgment of the Lands Tribunal case which I conducted a while ago has been handed down. We were only half successful - won part of our claim and lost the rest. Costs were awarded to our side.

Although costs go to the winning party, I still consider it a defeat. And I think the Member has erred (badly) in both his findings of fact and question of law. I am quite confident that an appeal will see us through, but client is not prepared to spend another several thousand dollars to pursue an appeal which will probably worth nothing at the end given the trivial amount she is claiming. What can I do when I cannot appeal against the decision when it is quite clearly wrong?

It is even worse that the client turned on me after hearing the judgment. Blaming me for the wrong findings by the "Member" when she gave vastly different stories to the tribunal (without my representation at the 1st hearing and with my representation at the adjourned hearing?). It was not long ago when she was so grateful to me for charging her a (very) nominal fee to handle the case which she has started poorly. Perhaps I shouldn't have tried so hard. Damn it. Back visualising your images poor soul!

A Prison Diary II by Jeffrey Archer

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Just started reading a book by Jeffrey Archer recording his time in prison. I bought this book in Shanghai and without reading any reviews or knowing the author before buying this book, the RMB76 I spent on the book seems a well spent investment for me so far.

Did some research on Jeffrey Archer just now and he is definitely living a rollercoaster life. See his profile here.

With my past few years dedicated to football magazines, I am aiming to read more books in the future. Any recommendation for good books?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Pope

So I was talking to Ellen on phone last night and she asked me who was elected the new Pope. I told her no one had been elected yet, and I was wrong. It turned out that the white smoke has billowed from the Sistine Chapel....but was it black smoke instead?
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Then after 5 minutes, there was that guy coming out the balcony and delivered a speech in Latin (or Italian?) and I told Ellen that was the new Pope.
Image hosted by
Wait a minute, no it wasn't. He was just announcing the New Pope has been elected who turned out to be Benedict XVI. The odds at Betfair just before the announcement for him was 1:4 (40 dollars profit for 10 dollars bet).

Monday, April 18, 2005

周杰倫‧七里香??? III

The lyrics of 七里香 unveilled! A must must watch!!! Click here or here to watch it. Remember to turn on your speaker volume!!!! (Click reload it you don't see a pop up media player)

Blogs or Ads?

Thanks to Just a Sidekick, these 3 "blogs" (or "Ads") may be of interests to you.

Margaret Ng's blog (under construction)

Spurs - Edman's goal against Liverpool

Have anyone not seen it? Watch it here!

Probably the best Spurs goal I saw live. Yes, it was better than Gazza's freekick against Arse.

Sticker Map

An very interesting idea by Littleoslo putting together the stickers of HK and Taiwan.

I am honoured to be included in the sticker map and you can find my Glory Glory sticker on the map!

See the sticker map here!

Season Review - Winning Eleven

We had a good start to the season - sitting on top of the league after 3 games and were looking invincible. Then a slip in the mid-season pushed us down the table but we managed a draw against Euphoria in the last game to secure a much respectable place - 5th out of 12.

If we look at the league table, the problem with Winning Eleven was the inability to pick up any points against all the teams placed above us, despite playing well and leading against Freshers. Of course the other side of the coin saw us beat all the teams placed below us apart from Wu Dang and Euphoria.

The fitness of the team as a whole has not been good and we generally slowed down in the 2nd half and that was when we conceded probably 80% of the goals. It was particularly difficult if you have to chase a game when you concede an early goal. Only in the game against Fortune had seen us win a game after going a goal down.

One of the biggest improvements is the organisation of the team. From organising (thanks to Kenward and Raymond for sending the evites) and gathering (meeting 15 minutes before kickoff) to positioning (everyone knows their positions and adapts to the role) and playing (having some sort of tactics - the kickoff routine, the long throw in etc), the team has been playing much better than last season.

It would be a hard battle to keep up the standard next season and the imminent departure of our goalie means a capable replacement needs to be found.

On a personal front, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the extra yard of pace. If you lose pace, it is very difficult to get away from the defenders. It looks like that I have to play like Teddy Sheringham (the extra yards are in his head). But I am happy with my goal return this season - 10 goals in 11 games. I am 1 goal short of winning the Golden Boot Award for the 2nd season running, but I know I should have walked away with it but for the eventual winner scoring 5 goals in a game where the opponent played with 8 men only. There is always next season...

I am pleased with the varieties of my goals - 2 freekicks, 1 acrobatic volley, 3 headers (!), 2 penalties and 3 other which I have forgotten how I scored. That acrobatic volley (half overhead kick) must rank as one of best goals I have ever scored! :-)

See the League Table here
See the Winning Eleven results here
See my goal history here

As usual, you are welcome to leave your comments here.

Some overdue updates

I have been extremely hard working (in working) and extremely lazy (in writing this blog) for the past 2 weeks, and here are some quick overdue updates from me:


As I said, I have been getting increasingly busier over the past month and today was particularly hectic for me. There was an unless order at 4pm today and we managed to get the doc filed by 3:58pm! If our court clerk get stuck in a lift or traffic jam, then that would be it!


I conducted my 2nd trial at Lands Tribunal last Thursday. It was another good experience for me as I have always liked being an advocate. Cross examining witnesses is the fun part - provided it all goes according to your plan. The judge was the same one I faced 1 year ago who ruled in favour of me, and for sure he is not an intimidating figure. He was forever looking like he was in a rush and one of his habits is quoting irrelevant examples. This time, his best lines were - "You know, I don't know the whole truth. I can't know the whole truth, can I? But it is like that in civil cases....balance of know....55 to 45...or 48 to 52 ....or 47 to know..."

I am confident that the case will rule in our favour, stay tuned for the outcome.


Speaking of my client in the above case, she is an old woman and suffered mental illness some years ago. I had a concern as to whether she has the capacity to enter into any contract with us but that is irrelevant now. She told me some weird stories when I met her, like how she over-practised a religion such that she had ascended to another dimension, how she used to hear noises and see images of another dimension...etc. She seems very normal and rational to me now. I hope her well.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Landmark Diver

Check this hilarious video clip from Fumier

There is something about Erection

I attended a conference with 5 middle aged men yesterday. Guess what the meeting was about - click "Comments" at the bottom of this post to see the answer. Here are some verbatim quotes of the meeting:

"I am not worried about cross examination. I know about erection everything
I need to know. I have been in erection for the past 20 years."

"Having erected for so long, I will never change my views. No one

"Even if [someone] has perfect dimension, it still needs perfect

"The Erector should drive the sequence. He should tell the Fabricator what he

An Interesting Supreme Court Case in US

Got this from Boing Boing, a Supreme Court decision that technology companies shouldn't have to imagine all the infringing ways that their customers might use their products and design to prevent them -- otherwise the iPod, Outlook and the Xerox machine would all be illegal.

Read the judgment here.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Messed up...

Came across this "interesting" piece of news on and Japundit:

A chinese man, jailed and badly beaten during and after an investigation
into his wife's murder, has been freed after she turned up alive and with
another husband, revealing a brutal arbitrariness to China's legal

She Xianglin's wife, Zhang Zaiyu, disappeared after a domestic dispute in 1994 and when a woman's body was found in a local reservoir, Mr She was detained on suspicion of killing his wife, the China Daily said.

The body was so decomposed it could not be identified, but a local court
found Mr She, a former part-time police officer from central Hubei province,
guilty of murder and sentenced him to death.

A provincial court later commuted the sentence to 15 years in prison. Mr She,
39, was coerced into confessing to her murder and beaten badly in prison, the
newspaper said.

International human rights groups say police torture is widespread in China
and that suspects are held for long periods without trial. But it is rare for a
victim, or the domestic media, to go public about police brutality.

Mr She told the Beijing News that when he was first apprehended, police took him to a remote house and interrogated him for 11 days. He was given just two bowls of
rice a day, nearly no water, prevented from sleeping and threatened with


Football Pundits

The most annoying thing when watching football programmes on Cable TV is that you have to endure the endless bullshit of the so-called TV pundits and football experts. Apart from a very few, the rest talks utter bullshit every match.

That's why I have chosen to turn to Channel 64 (the HKJC football betting channel) for some laughs during the match instead. But still stupid commentaries ring loud and clear from time to time. Like tonite, there are some English Championship matches on. Those pundits said (repeatedly) that there were doubts as to whether some teams, like Ipswich, wanted to get promotion. They reasoned that they would lose every game in the Premiership and would be better off staying in Nationwide Championship.

This is utter bullshit of the highest order! It is a well known fact that the gulf between Premiership sides and Nationwide sides lies in money. Teams earn several millions more TV rights, sponsorship etc in the Premiership than they could in the Nationwide. So why should a team prefer to stay in Nationwide by earning a tiny portion of the income they could have received in the Premiership??

I hope ESPN get their broadcasting right of English soccer back.

Monday, April 04, 2005

哈爾移動城堡 Howl's Moving Castle

Probably one of the worst cartoon / animation movie I have ever watched. Bad storyline, less-than-impressive graphics and apart from the first 10 minutes, the whole movie is a sleeping pill.

Construction Worker

Construction Worker
Originally uploaded by 4016697.
Taken at Lok Ma Chau Cross Border Rail Station.

Some reckons I look better in this outfit than in my usual business suits.

I dreamt of...

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson yesterday.

We were in a ferry and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson were seated at the back. Sherlock Holmes in his usual outfits - cap, pipe etc. - looked old. I was there after returning from a mystery where someone was killed and police were beginning investigation....etc.

Then it goes...

Me: "Mr. Holmes, I am James"
SH: "I have known you for the past 2 years"
Me: "I must have bothered you a lot, sorry. But Mr. Holmes, there is something I must talk to you"

Then Holmes stood up and went to the front of the ferry and I followed him. The dream ended by Holmes ordering a sausage + egg instant noodles!